Introducing Yellow Spot 12: Rare Realness

Introducing Yellow Spot 12: Rare Realness

The world of bourbon is full of unique flavors, rich history, and rare gems waiting to be discovered. And one such gem that has been creating a buzz among whiskey enthusiasts is none other than Yellow Spot 12 Year Old.

First introduced in 2019, this Irish whiskey has quickly gained a cult following and established itself as a must-try for every bourbon lover. Its smooth taste, rich aroma, and limited production make it a prized possession among connoisseurs. But what exactly makes Yellow Spot 12 so special? Let’s dive in and find out.

The Legacy of Yellow Spot

The history of Yellow Spot dates back to the 18th century when Mitchell & Son, a small wine merchant in Dublin, started maturing Irish whiskey in casks with yellow-colored spots to distinguish them from others. These maturation techniques were passed down through generations, and in the early 20th century, the Mitchell family started bottling Yellow Spot as a single pot still whiskey to meet the growing demand for Irish whiskey.

However, due to the decline in popularity of Irish whiskey in the 1960s, Yellow Spot was phased out and was only revived in 2012. Today, it stands true to its rich legacy and is produced in limited quantities, making it one of the most sought-after whiskeys in the world.

The Making of Yellow Spot 12

Yellow Spot 12 is a single pot still whiskey that is aged for a minimum of 12 years in a combination of American bourbon casks, Spanish sherry butts, and Sicilian marsala casks. This unique maturation process gives it a complex yet balanced flavor profile with notes of citrus, honey, and spices.

Unlike other Irish whiskeys, Yellow Spot is made with a mash bill of both malted and unmalted barley, resulting in a creamy mouthfeel and a slightly spicy finish. Each batch of Yellow Spot is carefully crafted by hand and is bottled at 46% ABV, ensuring a full-bodied and unforgettable drinking experience.

Rare Realness

One of the most intriguing aspects of Yellow Spot 12 is its rarity. With only a limited number of casks available for each batch, getting a hold of a bottle can be a challenge. However, the wait and effort are well worth it, as Yellow Spot offers a unique and unmatched drinking experience that is truly one-of-a-kind.

To enhance the rarity of Yellow Spot, each bottle is individually numbered, and the label bears the signature of the Mitchell family, adding a personal touch to this already exquisite whiskey.

Experience Yellow Spot 12

Whether you are a seasoned whiskey drinker or a curious beginner, Yellow Spot 12 is a must-try for everyone. Its smooth and complex flavor profile paired with its limited availability makes it a collector’s dream and a prized possession in any whiskey cabinet.

To get your hands on a bottle of this rare gem, head over to, the official online retailer for Yellow Spot 12 Year Old. With just a few clicks, you can have this rare realness delivered to your doorstep and experience the rich legacy of Yellow Spot in the comfort of your own home.

In Conclusion

The world of whiskey is full of surprises, and Yellow Spot 12 is certainly one of them. With its rich history, unique maturation process, and rarity, it has quickly become a fan favorite and has solidified its place in the world of bourbon. So, next time you’re looking for a top-quality whiskey to add to your collection or just want to treat yourself to something special, remember the name – Yellow Spot 12 Year Old.

Order your bottle today from and discover the rare realness of Yellow Spot 12.

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